Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sadaharu Aoki pastries

Olivier found out a japanese pâtisserie called Sadaharu Aoki.
I especially loved the green tea pastries !

This is how Sadaharu Aoki describes his work :

When I hear this from people with their mouths full of my pastries and a smile on their face,
I would always say: "Good, but I can do even better!"
This is a motto of my everyday life.

I like to create simple things, but it is the most difficult thing to do, since simple things cannot be manipulated.

Living in France allows me to work with quality products borne by this rich region.
Here, I am also challenged by people who have a real passion and taste for pastry.

Thick fresh cream
A fresh flavour of macha green tea and its sensitive green colour
A crispness of pastries
A glaze of black chocolate

Creating something delicious
To achieve this goal, it is essential to maintain simplicity.


I appreciate this place for sharpening my inner sense and being a permanent source of inspiration."


olivier said...

de bien belles photos à croquer et délicieuses ;)

Brigadeiro said...

Ooh, this is truly making my eyes & mouth water! My sisters took me to an amazing japanese (with french influence) patisserie in London called Yauatcha, their creations were works of art as well, too pretty eat, but when you did...sublime! :)