Thursday, February 4, 2010


Sarah, don't watch or take a nicorette ;0)


annie said...

what i really love about your photos is that they don't freeze time....they don't abruptly "stop!" the moment. but rather, they seem to slow time down. there is a beautiful movement in these images that makes the viewer feel as if the moment is still present, alive.

and there is such a lovely intimacy, without being separate from the viewer....that is, simply i suppose, your photos invite us into your world.

eek....i could probably have been much more concise. :-)

Sarah said...

Smoking makes you beautiful! ;)

dress_your_days_with_dreams said...

Thank you so much Annie, it means a lot to me !

OpenYourCards said...

Très belle série, la fumée donne un côté evanescent, plein de poésie, ce petit moment en suspend avant la dernière "latte"… plein de sensibilité, d'intimité et de délicatesse.

Anonymous said...

french boys are so beautiful
you have lovely photos, realy