Monday, February 21, 2011

Peut-être magazine

I'm very proud and excited to announce the release of Peut-être online magazine i have created with my best friend Olivier.
Click on the cover to discover Peut-être.


Brigadeiro said...

HUGE congratulations Nathalie! The magazine looks INCREDIBLE! I will send you an email later today when Lil J is asleep ;)

Cédric said...

tu peux y virer mon nom !!???

Cédric said...

enfin ... et longue vie à TON "je je je je je" magazine ! WILL never seen again !

Anonymous said...

That's an amazing work done there !!! I've seen it first quickly and the second time I've been watching it, I've realize the quality of each tema you had introced in. Congrats and can't wait to see the number 2 ^

dress_your_days_with_dreams said...

Thank you !!! I hope you'll like the number 2 as well.