Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lunch at Ladurée Part2

I always wondered if Ladurée dishes were as delicious as their pastries and macaroons.
Now i know they are !!!

Last sunday Cédric chose a scottish smoked salmon served with its sumac and red fruit whipped cream, followed by a beef fillet, cottage pie and mascarpone cheese flavoured with herbs (mascarpone cheese is not on the right side of the picture, so we don't see it).

I had salty-sweet vegetables Saint-Honoré with candied hibiscus flower followed by a roasted saddle of lamb, melon and mint shortcrust.

We finished our meal by a pistachio éclair for Cédric and a violet religieuse for me, not pictured here, eaten too fast ;)

Pictures don't do justice to the dishes, i will do better next time, maybe for Cédric's birthday in 2 weeks ...



Brigadeiro said...

Oh my! These pictures literally made my mouth water, everything looks so delicious! A birthday at Laduree? That would be a dream come true! :)

Sarah said...

OH MY GOD! I'm hungry!