Sunday, August 30, 2009



modediktat said...

Good evening to you!
I'm just following the link via Brigadeiro's lovely blog - her latest posting was so delicious and so I was following the macaron trace up to your stylish and magnificent blog! What a huge pleasure for the mind + eyecandy!
Phaleonopsis were the favorite flowers of my sister and it is my ID on a Forum, too :)
I will visit again!!
xoxo sofie

Brigadeiro said...

Ooh! J'adore phalaenopsis! My wedding bouquet flower :) They are so stunning! I have been taking 1001 shots with my new camera of the oriental lillies I received from my sister-in-law, especially now they're mostly gone, but the old curling petals make for interesting photographic subjects :)

olivier said...

doux et feutré, et toujours les détails raffinés des pétales !